It was a cold January night in 2015 when the first songwriter night was scheduled to happen.  We had no idea how many people would show up to see the eight esteemed artists we had picked for this inaugural event.  In fact, we hadn't rented the space yet and don't remember if the heat was actually functioning.

They showed up, first a few musicians, then a few fans, then more musicians then a roomful of people and bam! We seemed to have something that people were interested in.  South Main Sounds has since become a haven for songwriters to try out new or old songs in front of peers, family, friends and those stopping by out of curiosity.

We take great pride in the success of those that have graced our tiny 8x8 stage.  Some rekindled past glory as such as Susanne Jerome Taylor and Larry Raspberry.  Others used our space to help propel them to the next level such as Ashley McBryde, Angie Keilhauer and Karen Waldrup.  Many are local and some come to us from as far as California and even across the Atlantic.  

We are home to the songwriters and always will be.  Come to our live shows or keep an eye on this site for more happenings!